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we're 104'10 of an AWESOME school , Raffles Girls' School [Secondary]!

we really really ROCK to the max! :D
guided by our AWESOME teachers , we, 104-ers [BANANAS] , will be able to peel off our [yellow] skin to show of our delicious insides! :D
in short , we're beautiful yellow people with insides just as fab! (:

Angelia Lau ;;
Dawn Chan ;;
Charlene Yap ;;
Charmaine Yeo ;;
Cheng Li Yi ;;
Charlene Chin ;;
Choo Xin Hui ;;
Chua Hui Qing ;;
Jamie Chung ;;
Claudia Ng ;;
Codee Ong ;;
Tabitha Foo ;;
Gillian Lim ;;
Claire Ho ;;
Huang Zi Xian ;;
Justine Tan ;;
Lee Huan Jing ;;
Lee Hui Min ;;
Claudia Lee ;;
Kylie Leong ;;
Liu Li Jia ;;
Nai Jie Lin ;;
Najla Bte Abdul ;;
Ng Shi Min ;;
Samantha Ng ;;
Sharon Andres ;;
Stephanie Lim ;;
Tan Lei Zuo ;;
Chloe Tan ;;
Kimberly Tsai ;;
Valencia Yoong ;;
Valerie Yap ;;
Tricia Wong ;;
Yany Chan ;;
Deborah Yao ;;
Yap Li Yin ;;

Ms Irene [Form Teacher]
郑老师 [Co-Form Teacher]
& all our other subject teachers ! (:
WAIT ~ there's one more group of people ! :D

OUR PSLs & Prefects in charge ! (:
they've been the ones guiding us ever since we stepped into RGS ! :D

peeLINKS of our skins:D

facebook group !
Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 6:55 PM
Yo peeps :D

Anyway it's jielin here. this is a really random post after reading the class blog so basically i'm just crapping here HEHE :D. anyway how are y'all enjoying your hols (ok it's only beginning but still)? and your wonderful (bleh) history pt? Hahas anyway enjoy your hols and erm, good luck doing homework? yeah ok i have nothing more to crap so byes!

you know i love 104,
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hello pepul i am posting cos this blog is semi-dea... ALOHAA 104-ers ! :D okayy im being random now ! [... 10-4th post! 3rd Post 2nd post 1st post :D