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we really really ROCK to the max! :D
guided by our AWESOME teachers , we, 104-ers [BANANAS] , will be able to peel off our [yellow] skin to show of our delicious insides! :D
in short , we're beautiful yellow people with insides just as fab! (:

Angelia Lau ;;
Dawn Chan ;;
Charlene Yap ;;
Charmaine Yeo ;;
Cheng Li Yi ;;
Charlene Chin ;;
Choo Xin Hui ;;
Chua Hui Qing ;;
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Tricia Wong ;;
Yany Chan ;;
Deborah Yao ;;
Yap Li Yin ;;

Ms Irene [Form Teacher]
郑老师 [Co-Form Teacher]
& all our other subject teachers ! (:
WAIT ~ there's one more group of people ! :D

OUR PSLs & Prefects in charge ! (:
they've been the ones guiding us ever since we stepped into RGS ! :D

peeLINKS of our skins:D

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Saturday, May 15, 2010 @ 1:46 AM
hello pepul i am posting cos this blog is semi-dead. anyway, NAPFA IS OVER ! (except tricia) hahah. are y'all happy with your results? if you're not, its ok, just try harder next yr ^^ i know this sounds unbelievably cliched. but IT IS TRUE.

and besides tht, EXAMS ARE OVER TILL TERM 3 YAY. im sort of screwed for chemistry but nevermind. ITS OVER.

ohh and a special shout out to liyin and th other book day crew: WELL DONE ! our classroom door is so pretty now woohoo. i think we'll make all th other classes jealous teehee ;x i like th mad hatter even though i couldn't spot him at first .

and how was house prac today? and psl session? my momma didnt let me come cos i had fever. and it was barely fever. 37.8 is SO not serious urgh.

okay anyways, im gna do homework now so byee~

najla (:
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